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Connect with Buyers

Let us connect you with our network of buyers.At Hotel Source, Inc., we specialize in bringing hotel buyers and hotel sellers together in successful, mutually beneficial deals.

As a result, we're connected to an ever-growing network of prospective hotel buyers. The buyers we work with choose Hotel Source because of our expertise in both hotel real estate and operations, and our proven history of facilitating deals that add value for all sides of the transaction.

Every day, we hear from prospective hotel buyers who are looking for attractive investments to add to their holdings – and who know that Hotel Source can help them find their way to those ideal properties.

Here are some immediate needs that our hotel buyers have brought to our attention:

  • Limited-feature hotels in primary, secondary, and tertiary Midwest markets.
  • Properties encumbered with management contracts for passive investors.
  • Two-to-five acres of vacant land for hotel development.
  • Office buildings suitable for hotel conversion, located in major markets.
  • Original Holiday Inn franchises; may currently be affiliated with any franchise or independent. Should afford repositioning opportunities.
Check in with Hotel Source. Email us at , or give us a call at 312.362.0624.

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