Buyer Representation

“Let us work on your behalf.”

At Hotel Source, Inc., we believe prospective hotel buyers should not follow “let the buyer beware.” That is why we offer comprehensive buyer representation services: so that buyers can take advantage of our expertise, experience, and extensive network to negotiate value-creating transactions. Traditionally, listing brokers are engaged by the seller, so they naturally work in the best interest of the seller which does not coincide with the best interests of the buyer. When you enter into a buyer representation agreement with Hotel Source, Inc. you can be confident that you will have our full attention.  We work within your parameters to find hotel properties that meet or exceed your objectives.


A few of the services we offer:

  • Sourcing of opportunities based on your acquisition criteria
  • Comparative analysis to let you know how similar properties are trading
  • Transaction process management designed to optimize your position and close the deal
  • Uncovering adaptive Reuse opportunities
  • Joint venture expertise and deal structure