Hotel Mystery Shopping Case Study

So you land at the airport, retrieve your luggage, jump into your rental car, battle rush hour traffic and arrive at your glorious four-star downtown hotel on a sub-zero Midwestern afternoon. You first encounter five valet hikers too busy sharing sports scores to acknowledge your arrival. Once you part with your vehicle and head to the lobby, you smile at three front desk receptionists who are so busy pounding on their respective computers that they fail to sense your arrival. Once you interrupt they begin the check-in process. No welcome to the hotel, explanation of internet or mention of the lovely pool, spa or restaurant offerings. The only interaction is asking for a credit card and trying to coerce you into accepting five hundred loyalty points in lieu of housekeeping service. Turns out that the restaurant was closed the entire duration of your stay with no mention of it.

When you attempt to warm your guestroom above 64 degrees without success and call “at your service” there is no offer to send maintenance to the room to assist but instead you were asked to crawl around on the floor connecting wires and fidgeting with dials, but to no avail. The experience deteriorated thereafter as you recalled that nobody from the sales office, front desk or even the General Manger could return three phone calls inquiring about reserving a room block for later in the year. Inaccessible pool during posted hours, burnt out light bulbs in prominent public areas never replaced and doormen providing directions to breakfast spots one block away that do not serve breakfast round out the experience. Will this cause me never to return to this self-proclaimed luxury full-service hotel again and tell all my colleagues to avoid it? Absolutely. Could these problems be fixed or prevented next time with management’s intervention?

Perhaps. Order a Wake-Up Call Report for your property. It can be your best friend! As a premier hotel mystery shopping company we know how to create return customers.