Hotel Mystery Shopping

Utilize our Mystery Shopping and Quality Assurance services to measure what matters to you, your guests and your bottom line.

We react quickly and provide you with the information most useful to you:
  • Hotel Mystery Shopping Services available for any size property from independent boutique hotels, limited and select service properties to large convention hotels and resorts.
  • Extensive experience with most hotel franchises, brands and markets.
  • Monitor adherence to brand standards.
Our Hotel Mystery Shopping Service allows you to see your property from your guest’s eyes with an owner’s sensibility:
  • What parts of your hotel appear dated or poorly maintained?
  • Do the hours and services offered match what the guest is seeking?
  • Who are the guests you are losing and why?
  • What factors are important to your guests when they make their lodging choice in your market area?
Our Hotel Mystery Shopping Services help to identity missed opportunities:
  • Is your website discounting room rates more than necessary?
  • Are you missing other revenue opportunities?
  • Do you know how much more a guest would be willing to pay?
  • Do your guests know the range of amenities your property offers?
  • And most importantly, Hotel Source, Inc. Hotel Mystery Shopping Services are customizable to provide you with all the information you need and nothing you don’t. Why pay for loads of data that is unimportant to you or your hotel? Contact us for a no charge phone evaluation of your property.

Mystery Shopping Case Study

Order a Wake-Up Call Report for your property. It can be your best friend! As a premier hotel mystery shopping company we know how to create return customers.