Opinion of Value

What is an Opinion of Value?

An Opinion of Value is a streamlined look at hotel value based on limited information and is dependent on the scope of the assignment. This approach to value can provide a lender or owner with a snapshot of what a property may be worth in the marketplace. It often includes a site visit and thorough analysis of financial performance. An Opinion of Value is not meant to take the place of an appraisal or more formal valuation,

What are the Advantages of an Opinion of Value?

  • Quick response time
  • Snapshot of value.
  • Often ideal when limited information is available.
  • Practical approach to value and is often less theoretical.
  • Completed discreetly
  • Easily tailored to the needs and budget of the client
  • Confirm or challenge existing values
  • Easy to read and understand

The Hotel Source Advantage

Hotel Source, Inc. is ideally positioned to provide Opinions of Value. Given the boutique nature of the firm, Hotel Source, Inc. can react quickly and provide customized reports based on the needs of the bank, lender or owner. The market knowledge of the firm and research capabilities are second to none.